Red Tail Golden Arowana (RTG Arowana)

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Red Tail Golden Arowana (RTG Arowana)

One of the most sought-after arowana breeds worldwide is the RTG arowana, also known as the Red Tail Golden arowana. Let's refer to the Red tail golden arowana as the RTG arowana for the remainder of this piece. The introduction to the world of exotic arowanas is through this breed. As you might expect, silver, Jardini, and green arowanas are more prevalent in our community of arowana caretakers.

This article will cover a variety of subjects, including their physical characteristics, tank size, diet, and care. I need your help before I charge forward. If you appreciate our work, please consider subscribing to our newsletter. Please leave a comment if you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to share something about our blog.

look of RTG arowana. One of the most beautiful arowana breeds is this one. You may have spotted red and blue foundation arowana recently. Prior to that, though, RTG arowanas were the darlings of every exotic fish keeper. After the chili red arowana, it is for me the second-best fish I have ever owned.

The size of this fish is comparable to other Asian Arowana varieties. Golden arowana can grow longer than 3 feet in the right circumstances. This fish has a broad side profile and is pretty large.

From the top of the head to the beginning of the tail, this fish is primarily golden in color. Red makes up the fins and tail. In a perfect world, golden scales and cheeks would be brilliant and shiny. 5–6 rows of scales are present.

At the end of the lower jaw, there are two whisk-like snake tongue protrusions. They employ it to find any movement in the water.

When all is considered, this fish is actually quite stunning. And at a height of 3 feet, the RTG arowana is unquestionably one of the best luxury pets and a great conversation starter.

What could possibly go wrong if I buy RTG arowana? Although that is a perfect description, you won't find anything like that on the market. False statements made by sellers might leave you with a significant financial hole. Basically, it has a body that is golden with red fins. But did you know that this breed comes in a variety of forms. Some people cite them as a variety, but in my opinion they are a scam. Well, I don't want to be harsh, but when I look at things from the buyer's perspective, I should draw attention to a few things. You must be cautious when handling this fish.

Initially, try to purchase RTG arowana from a licensed breeding facility. Two items will benefit from this. As they are bred rather than hunted or abducted, you can be sure that your companion will be cruelty-free. Additionally, breeders have a lot of expertise, so you may acquire some assurance after a few decades.

This is due to the fact that fish's colors typically emerge and darken as they get older. Similar statements apply to other aspects.

The majority of the time, inferior specimen and closely related breeds, such RTG arowanas, are offered with exaggerated claims. When the fish is fully grown, it no longer exhibits any symptoms of a high-quality RTG or its traits have been diminished to the point where it no longer resembles other members of the family.

Therefore, it is best to exercise caution before making a purchase.

RTG tank specifications. This has been mentioned countless times in the past. Let me tell you some specifics so you have a very brief explanation.

We may very easily draw the conclusion that Asian arowana require a large tank in order to thrive for a long time by looking at their native habitat. When fully grown, it will need a tank that is at least 8 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 4 feet tall. You can start with a tiny tank in the interim and gradually move up to a larger tank. But when doing so, kindly bear in mind not to place your fish in a confined space.

A young child needs constant access to a wide swimming area. For example, a tank five times the fish's length will be adequate.

In some blogs, the specifications are explained for an arowana fish tank. You can review some of these for further information.

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